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Selenium Capsules 60 capsules/bottle


The COVO selenium element is designed to be tailored for selenium deficient and immunocompromised populations.
COVO selenium element is developed from active organic malt selenium, which uses wheat as the active carrier for selenium conversion. Through the absorption and transformation process during germination, selenium is concentrated on amino acids, proteins, and other molecules contained in malt, resulting in a biological product rich in natural organic selenium. Each grain of selenium element can reach up to 300mcg, which can more effectively help the body build a protective barrier and resist viral infections, Meet the needs for enhancing immunity.


Standardized malt yeast selenium
High quality dietary supplement – guaranteed free of magnesium stearate;
100% vegetarian.



Nutritional Information

Main Nutritional Ingredients Each capsule contains:
Selenium 300mcg
Detailed Ingredients Active organic selenium element, grain extract Rice noodles, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (vegetable capsule shell)


Common QA plate

  1. Does the product have any effect on HPV infection? The product can prevent infection for people who have not been infected with HPV; For HPV positive individuals, it can help them improve their immunity, accelerate negative conversion, and prevent cervical lesions; For people who recover from HPV infection, it helps to prevent recurrence.
  2. What is the working principle of the product? The malt selenium in COVO selenium regulates the immune system and enhances the body’s ability to fight against viruses. The high activity and content of the ingredients help to double the effectiveness and restore the body to health.
  3. How long do HPV positive individuals need to be replenished? Clinical studies have shown that it generally takes 5-6 months for low-risk HPV infections to become negative, while it takes 8-24 months for high-risk HPV viruses to become negative. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement 2-3 bottles of Covo Coyo malt selenium for low-risk HPV, and 4-8 bottles for high-risk HPV to accelerate the conversion of HPV to negative.
  4. Is 300mcg exceeding the standard? It will not exceed the standard,the daily intake of selenium supplementation is up to 400mcg, and the human body has a low absorption rate of selenium in food. Malt selenium has no side effects, and a high content of 300mcg can meet the needs of various populations

Additional information

Applicable population

HPV, immunocompromised, selenium deficient population


60 capsules/bottle

Validity time

3 years

Taking method

1 capsule daily, taken with warm water after meals


Not suitable for children, pregnant women, and lactating women, or follow your doctor's advice.
This product is a dietary supplement and cannot completely replace medication.
Store in a dry and cool place.

3 reviews for Selenium Capsules 60 capsules/bottle

  1. covo

    I am very satisfied with the product. The selenium I have eaten before contains other ingredients, not just selenium, which makes me very frustrated. This product just meets my needs and I really like it.

  2. covo

    I started eating in February, and after eating for so long, I haven’t caught a cold in the past six months, which is really worth recommending.

  3. covo

    Because I was infected with HPV, it made me very worried. I bought Covo Coyo selenium on the recommendation of a friend, and after eating it for 8 months, I have now recovered. I am really happy.

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