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Quercetin Capsules, 120 Capsules/bottle


COVO COYO quercetin capsules are designed to provide support for maintaining lung health. According to clinical scientific research by lung experts, COVO composite quercetin nutritional capsules contain 8 major golden components, including quercetin, bromelain, and maitake extract. Each component is provided with the highest absorbability, comprehensively protecting lung health and avoiding lung disease troubles.

Effect introduction:

Covo quercetin capsules provide high-purity and high-quality nutrients at the optimal dosage level, including quercetin, bromelain, rutin, and other nutrients, providing nutritional support for maintaining lung health.

Detailed ingredients:

Quercetin, maitake fruit body extract (Grifola frondosa, contains 25 % polysaccharides), L-ascorbic acid, rose hip fruit extract 50:1 (Rosa canina, contains 45 % vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate, bromelain, raspberry fruit extract 10:1 (Rubus Idaeus), rutin (Styphnolobium japonicum), hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (vegetable capsule shell).


  • Auxiliary treatment for pulmonary nodules
  • Protect the lungs and enhance their resistance
  • Improve poor breathing, coughing and phlegm retention

With the development of society, more and more patients suffer from lung problems caused by dust haze, COVID-19, etc, Covo quercetin capsules have various biological activities, including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and immune regulatory effects, playing an important regulatory role in enhancing lung motility and improving nodules.

Ingredients and Benefits

Ingredient Benefits
Quercetin Helps dissipate nodules and malignant cells.
Maitake Fruit Body Extract Helps enhance immunity and prevent deterioration.
Vitamin C Helps resist oxidation and enhance the body’s resistance.
Rose Hip Fruit Extract Promotes healthy cell activity and regeneration.
Vitamin E Improves body metabolism and lymphatic function.
Bromelain Helps with anti-inflammatory properties, detumescence, and inhibits tumor cell growth.
Raspberry Fruit Extract Helps eliminate free radicals and regulate the spleen and stomach.
Rutin Helps with anti-inflammatory properties, resistance to viruses, and free radicals.

Main nutritional ingredients:

  • Quercetin 250 mg
  • Vitamin C 75 mg
  • maitake fruit body extract 80 mg
  • -of which polysaccharides 20 mg
  • rose hip fruit extract 44 mg
  • vitamin E 10 mg
  • bromelain 25 mg
  • raspberry fruit extract 20 mg
  • rutin 14 mg
  • Common QA plate
  1. Can it be used as daily lung care? Yes, this product is rich in a variety of lung protection nutrients, extracted from natural raw material extracts, including quercetin, rutin, bromelain and a variety of flavonoids, which can effectively detoxify and diminish inflammation, enhance lung vitality, enhance lung resistance, and protect lung health.
  2. Can I take it for a long time? The ingredients of this product are pure plant extracts, scientifically matched, and a large number of experimental data verify that there are no side effects, and it can be taken for a long time.
  3. Is it effective for people who have smoked for many years and often cough and wheeze? This product can effectively clean the lungs, detoxify and nourish the lungs. It is very suitable for daily maintenance of coughing, lung discomfort and smokers.
  4. Is it effective for pulmonary nodules? This product has a variety of complex nutrients, which can clean up the lung garbage, enhance the lung power, and also has the anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. The pulmonary nodules can slowly shrink by reducing lung inflammation.

Additional information

Applicable population



120 capsules/bottle

Validity time

30 months

Taking method

1-2 capsules daily, taken with warm water after meals


Not suitable for children, pregnant women, and lactating women, or follow your doctor's advice.
This product is a dietary supplement and cannot completely replace medication.
Store in a dry and cool place.

3 reviews for Quercetin Capsules, 120 Capsules/bottle

  1. covo

    I insisted on taking 3 bottles, and now I don’t feel a lot of phlegm blocking. My lungs are much more comfortable

  2. covo

    I often smoke and my lungs are uncomfortable. My friend recommended it to me. After eating it for 2 months, I felt it was very effective

  3. covo

    I went to the hospital this year to check and found a nodule in my lung. The doctor said that I would often come back for recheck. I was afraid of getting worse and bought this product. Today, the doctor went to check and said that my condition had improved

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